Who I am ?

I'm cylgom, a 20-year-old boy eager to learn, create and hack stuff.
I started messing around with computers at 10, and I never stopped.

Now, I'm studying at the ESISAR engineers school in France, which
is the perfect place to turn my passion into the job of my dreams.

Indeed, I commit myself to a career in programming : I'd love to
develop 3d engines and perform research in real-time rendering.

Aside from computers, I also like drawing, folding origamis,
playing guitar, reading, 3d-printing objects, watching movies,
writing, and obviously starting some mad projects with my friends.
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|___ | ___ ___ |___ \ __| | ( _ )
/ / / _ \ / __| __) | / _` | / _ \
/ / | __/ | (__ / __/ | (_| | | (_) |
/_/ \___| \___| |_____| \__,_| \___/

OpenNic DuckDuckGo IA

A DuckDuckGo Instant Answer providing a
list of the nearest OpenNic DNS, with some
informations like distance and country.

IA page on duck.co
Feel free to report
any bug using the
link above !

StormDrops cursor theme for X11

A modern cursor theme, without shadows,
including 49 elements made pixel by pixel
and licensed under WTFPL.

Cylinder scripts

Additional effects for r333d's "Cylinder"
tweak available on iPhone, iPod and iPad.
Some are now included by default.

Deviant Art

Graphical creations/remixes
(mostly wallpapers) made with GIMP.


Some 3D printable objects designed
with SolidWorks.

Toxic Clones

A free clone of Skype's emoticons set,
made for qTox and licensed under WTFPL

Minecraft isometric blocks icons

A huge set of isometric renders of
minecraft blocks with the default
texture pack.


A lightweight login/display manager
for linux made with ncurses