About me and my projects

I am cylgom, a 22-year-old boy eager to learn, create and hack stuff. I started messing around with computers at 10, and never stopped.

After my studies at the Imac school of engineering in France, I commit myself to a career in programming, and would love to develop 3d engines and perform research in real-time rendering.

Aside from computers, I also like drawing, folding origamis, playing guitar, reading, 3d-printing objects, watching movies, writing, and obviously starting some mad projects with my friends.


OpenNic DuckDuckGo IA

A DuckDuckGo Instant Answer listing the nearest OpenNic DNS servers, while providing some useful informations like distance and country.


StormDrops cursor theme for X11

A flat, shadow-less cursor theme, including 49 elements made pixel by pixel and animated waiting cursors.


Cylinder scripts

Additional effects for r333d's "Cylinder" tweak available on iPhone, iPod and iPad. Some are now included by default.


Drawings & 2D graphics

Graphical creations/remixes (mostly wallpapers) made with Gimp.


3D-printable objects

Some 3D printable objects designed with SolidWorks.



A lightweight login/display manager for linux made with ncurses.



A disconnected hardware password manager. It is based on the pre-wifi raspberry pi zero.

The interface is displayed on a tiny OLED screen whose driver is included in a PCB I designed. It also allows user input through a PSP joystick and regular momentary push-buttons.

One can easily generate strong passwords thanks to the hardware random number generator embedded in the Raspberry PI. This functionnality is also used to secure the password database with carefully chosen cryptography.

The passwords are automatically typed on the attached computer by emulating a usb keyboard. Just press a button to connect!



A fast and modular taskbar for X11.


Minecraft Models

I designed several 3D models for cancelled Minecraft mods. The complete set includes a lot of vehicles. Most of them are jetpacks, but there are also some spaceships and motorbikes.


Feel free to contact me at this address:
You can also find me on twitter